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Mark chats with Richard Scholefield of Whangara Farms, Gisborne NZ on this weeks Head Shepherd podcast.

Whangara Farms comprises of 7 farms, making up 9,500 Ha overall. Across the seven farms, there are 20 staff to manage the 37,000 breeding ewes (all of which are EID tagged), 10,000 replacement hoggets and 3,500 breeding cows. They regularly scan over 200% and mark over 50,000 lambs a year, an event the whole team is bought together for.

This opportunity of scale allows them to make the right choices when it comes to land allocation, an area, amongst others, Richard says has led to an increase of EFS from $70 /ha to $500 ha in his time at Whangara.

Richard is genetics crazy, which makes for a great conversation between him and Mark! The importance of your genetic decisions cannot be ignored, and is highlighted well in this conversation.

We are hosting another Q&A podcast this season, and this time we're going to record it live! If you have any questions for Mark, please email them to him or find us on social or at The Hub and we'll endeavour to answer them all for you.

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