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Black Box Co is the brain child of Shannon Speight and Emma Black who both have backgrounds in the beef industry and have both won the Zanda McDonald award.

After seeing how little data was utilised at all levels in the industry, Shannon was inspired to find a way to capture and standardise the data that potentially existed all along the value chain. She met Emmathrough the Zanda McDonald award, Emma shared her passion and frustrations around data and convinced her to join her on the Black Box Co journey.

Roll forward a few years, and Black Box Co has just registered their millionth animal on the database and have a 10 people team- they also have their sights on the sheep industry!

Mark, Emma and Shannon discuss what Black Box Co is, and the potential in the industry. With such scale in Northern Australia, incremental differences really make a difference to the dollar at the other end.

It is truly inspiring to hear the enthusiasm both women have for genetics and data. An enthusiasm so great, they created a solution to an industry-wide problem.

If you would like to learn more,  visit their website here.

Find more information on the Zanda McDonald Award here

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