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Our guest this week is esteemed agribusiness leader, John McKillop, and this episode is an inspiring listen.

John has had an incredible career leading many agribusinesses around the globe and, as Mark puts it, “If there's a big name in ag that you haven't worked for, I'm not sure who they are.”

From his beginnings on a family farm in western NSW to leading global corporations, John's journey in the agriculture sector offers valuable, and often humorous, insights. His career is a testament to resilience, determination and his love for the industry. He shares his lifetime of experiences with Ferg and offers some advice from those life lessons.

1. Negotiation matters: “In life and business, remember: you don't get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate. The art of negotiation is essential, so do your homework and understand what you want before the negotiation begins."

2. Commit to continuous learning: "Commit to a lifetime of learning. Formal qualifications and continuous education stimulate your mind and keep you ahead in the industry, whether you're working for others or running your own farm."

3. Make a difference: "Don't shy away from hard work. It's the key to adding value and achieving success. Find out how you can make a difference, even if it's beyond your job description."

4. Maintain dignity and relationships: "Maintain your dignity and never burn bridges in the agriculture industry. You might need to cross that bridge again and maintaining your reputation is crucial."

5. Networking and immersion: "Networking is vital for success. Immerse yourself in your industry, engage with others and build meaningful relationships. It's a valuable habit for personal and professional growth."

6. Integrity is non-negotiable: "Maintaining integrity is a non-negotiable. If you feel your integrity is compromised, it's time to move on. Your reputation and values matter in the long run."

7. Understand your motivation: "Know yourself and what motivates you. Is it love, money, power or respect? Understanding your motivation can guide your decisions and actions in life."

John McKillop's career shows that success in agriculture often involves perseverance and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances. His insights shed light on the industry's complexities and opportunities.

John concludes with some wisdom for those who may feel a little defeated.

“You know, I've been sold up a few times and taken a few wrong moves in my career. But I don't think that defines me. I think you are defined by the fact you get up again and you go out and have another crack because that's what you love doing. And if you're doing what you love doing, you'll stick to it and eventually the fruits will be born. There will be times when you feel like there's too much pressure. But then that will lift, you'll take a breath and get back out there again.”

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