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Mark first came across Moojepin Merinos, a Merino stud near Badgebup in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia, fifteen years ago whilst looking for some high growth merinos. This week, Mark discusses what's going on at Moojepin with Hamish Thompson, stud co-principal and third generation on the farm.

After Hamish's father David Thompson, was told joining merino ewe lambs was impossible, he set his mind to the task. Ten years later, Moojepin are mating ewe lambs at 7 months, at the same time as their ewes, to make the most of their incredibly short growing season.

The country that the Thompsons farm in Western Australia is tough going with a constant battle with salinity. Hamish discusses how they tackle this and where they see the farm and stud going in the future. 

If you would like to learn more about either Moojepin Foods or the stud, you can find them at the links below

Twitter: MoojepinMerinos
Facebook: MoojepinMerinos

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