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This week we have the fantastic Shane McManaway. Shane is Chair of PPP, Chair of the Wiararapa Development Group, among many other things.

From spraying ragwort with a knapsack as a teen around the Wairarapa, to 17 years as CEO of Allflex in the Asia/Pacific region, Shane shares his story of how he got to lead some of Australasia's biggest operations.

Mark and Shane discuss the evolution of data during Shane's time at Allflex, and also the importance of recognising leaders in the Agricultural industry, and how we go about bringing them out to their best potential.  Team mentality and culture is key in building the foundations of a good business, Shane believes.

Another of Shane's beliefs is the power of farmers talking to farmers. He wanted Allflex to know their customers better, so they started with 7 top producers from Australia and New Zealand, sat around a table discussing ideas.
This 'idea' Shane had is now PPP, Platinum Primary Producers, which was launched in 2013.

Listen in to hear more about more of Shane's story.

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Allflex Livestock Intelligence is the leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and delivery of animal monitoring, identification, and traceability solutions. Their data-driven solutions are used by farmers to manage animals. By putting intelligent, actionable information into farmers’ hands, their solutions empower them to act in a timely manner for optimal outcomes.
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